Wet Cleaning

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What is Wet Clean Technology?

Wet Clean technology is a new system developed to support Clothes Cleaning, which is sensitive to health and environment and is used simultaneously by Dryking with the world.

Wet Clean technology has been prepared with a brand new system that will enable you to get a better quality result from the dry cleaning process by activating during the cleaning process of products that may show shrinkage sensitivity, be affected by mechanical action, have paint sensitivity, and have accessories (beads, stones, flakes, etc.).

The Wet Clean system is very different from the washing systems we know and apply at home. Wet Clean; It is defined as the process of washing all your clothes and textiles that can be dry cleaned, leather, chamois, nubuck, nappa products, evening dresses, in short, all textiles using certain molecules in water.

Why Should We Prefer Wet Cleaning?

Water is the oldest known and natural cleansing tool. Only water and bio detergents are used in the wet clean system. The waste water generated after the Wet Clean cleaning process does not contain any harmful substances. It is an environmentally friendly technology.

Thanks to the Wet Clean system, the highest quality cleaning process is performed on all textile products, provided that the washing program and drying standards are complied with.

Moreover, it allows you to clean coated, printed, adhesive and accessory products with risky cleaning, with the appropriate cleaning program, without any problems.

The product cleaning range of the Wet Clean system is very wide. It gives better results than other cleaning methods in terms of odor, moisture and dirt. It makes the products look more lively (especially in light colors). Reduced mechanical action prevents wear of products and prolongs their service life.

Since the biodetergents used in wet clean application do not contain harsh chemicals, color loss does not occur in the products due to cleaning. Wet clean technology minimizes the risk of deformation in products and ensures long-term and quality use.

On Which Products Should Wet Clean Technology Be Applied?

In order to protect our health and prevent environmental pollution, we should only use Wet Clean Technology for cleaning all textile products.
Solvent-based classical dry cleaning is banned in developed countries. When this ban is implemented in Turkey, no other method than Wet Clean will be used.
Let’s list a few products that you will get better results compared to conventional dry cleaning by applying the Wet Clean system;

In products prepared with artificial fiber fabrics such as acrylic, acetate, polyester, nylon, rayon, viscose, etc.,
For products such as woolen and wool-blend fabrics, knitwear sweaters, dresses, cardigans, woolen and wool-mixed coats and overcoats, which may cause unpleasant results such as puncture and tearing if the tissue is too hard during staining,
Silk fabric, rayon and silk blended products, which require careful handling due to their delicate fiber structure,
Viscose, acetate viscose, linen viscose, etc., which may cause breakage and pilling on the fabric during washing. in products,