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Hygiene and Cleaning are Important for You, Too

Yours; We know that you are in search of “the cleanest, most economical and most hygienic”. you concentrate on catching the perfection in your work, leave the perfection in hygiene and cleaning to us.

Can quality cleaning be economical?

When you start working with us; Your investment expenses related to cleaning will be eliminated and your operating expenses will be minimized among our common expenses. Thus, you will achieve perfection with much less than the budget you set aside for cleaning and hygiene.

International experience in hygiene and cleaning

The licensed chemicals we use and our hygiene and cleaning quality are constantly audited by the International Dry Cleaners Association (IFIA), of which we are a member, and human and environmental health is protected by periodically making emulsion measurements of the machines used.

Dry Cleaning Assisted Washing

Difficult stains that cannot be removed by cleaning in standard laundries cause your product to be unusable. Dryking, with the support of dry cleaning, provides full cleaning of the products and full satisfaction in the companies it works with.

Thanks to our carbon filter system; Our water, which is used for hygiene and cleaning, is purified from odor, chlorine and other substances. Sediment Filters destroy substances such as sediment, mud and rust. Thanks to the Softening System; The hardness value of the water is reduced to a value between 3 and 5 Fr, and it is descaled.

Thanks to the Ultraviolet Tube and Board Control of 40,000 mic/s/cm², the DNA structures of bacteria and viruses in your products are destroyed and destroyed. Thus, you will ensure 100% hygiene in your products.

When You Choose Us;
You guarantee hygiene and cleanliness that you cannot achieve with your own means.
You eliminate the risks of bacteria and micro-organisms found in textile products that cannot be destroyed by ordinary methods.
You start to make profits by getting rid of investment, personnel and operating costs.
The washing life of your products increases 2.8 times compared to conventional cleaning methods. you use your product for a longer time.