Dry Cleaning

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The history of dry cleaning begins in the 1800s. Realizing that a chemical called solvent dissolves stains on textiles is the first step in the birth of this industry. According to known records, the first dry cleaning store was opened by “Jolly Belin” in Paris, which is known as the city that directs textile fashion.

Until the last ten years, dry cleaning was carried out using solvents all over the world. With the emergence of problems in ecological balances, the use of solvents has been banned in developed countries due to the environment and human health. The pioneers of dry cleaning, manufacturing companies began to seek environmentally friendly solutions that do not threaten human health.

The first of these new solutions, hydrocarbon, came into use in developed countries a few years ago. Dryking pioneered the sector by switching to the use of hydrocarbons in 2007 in Turkey.

As a result of the ongoing R&D studies of the manufacturers, especially Electrolux, a healthy and natural solution that can be called a revolution in the sector has been reached. Moreover, a natural solution that will take us to the first ages; ie water… Dryking has been using this technology, known as Wet Clean, since 2011. In addition, Dryking contributed to the development of Wet Clean by taking part in Electrolux’s R&D activities.

He is also the sales and training representative of Electrolux in Turkey and Middle East Countries in Dryking Wet Clean concept.