Carpet Washing

Carpet Cleaning is Art...

Although carpet cleaning may seem like a job that anyone can do, it is a reality that requires expertise.

In order to wash the carpet properly, it is necessary to have deep knowledge about the textile structures, dyeing methods and weaving types of carpets. This information is necessary in order not to fade the colors of our carpets, not to reduce the density of the wool, and to prevent the colors from mixing with each other.

Carpet washing is also very important in terms of hygiene. Carpet is the most frequently woven product among textile products. There are approximately 1.100.000 loops per m² in a quality carpet. It requires technology infrastructure and chemistry knowledge to remove dust, dirt, bacteria, etc. from the carpet that is woven with this frequency.

TR. The washing and repair of the Topkapı Palace and Yıldız Palace carpets, which are affiliated to the Presidency National Palaces Institution, were carried out by Dryking.

200 Yılı Aşkın Antika Halı

Over 200 Years of Antique Carpet

Carpets of Topkapi Palace

Yildiz Palace Carpets

Carpet Repair and Repair

Carpet Repair

The original repair of hand weaving is done in Dryking.

Carpet Fringe

It is made in Dryking in two different options as original fringe and false fringe for your hand weaving.

Carpet Overlock

Overlock extends the life of your carpets. With the appropriate fabric selection, the overlock process is done in Dryking.